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Zabola Estate Transylvania– a piece of heaven

Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, just 6 km away from the town of Covasna, Zabola Estate Transylvania is a piece of heaven. With imposing mansion interiors, rugged nature and lots of facilities tailored to everyone’s needs, Zabola estate caters to each visitor’s demands.

Zabola estate Transylvania
The cozy restaurant at Zabola
So in love with amazing nature at Zabola
So in love with amazing nature at Zabola

Travel to Zabola! It is a lesson of Transylvania, history, nature and ancestors! Visit the property and spend a few night to let yourself pamper and re-connect with yourself!

Taste the estate! Hardworking people do everything to take you back to the man-animal-nature communion long lost!

Feel Zabola estate! Sense the beauty of unspoilt nature and the pleasure of being spoiled! Immerse yourself in the timeless Transylvanian heaven and experience high-quality services!

Although they define themselves as Transylvania’s best kept secret, “secrets” of Zabola Estate start leaking out. And that’s good, so that everyone finds out about this fabulous place.

Everything is masterfully exploited: from the spa and relaxation area to nature, from the organic garden to the stud farm. There are lots of tailor-made services that will keep you glued to the domain for an entire weekend.

On the estate
Romantic spot at Zabola
Romantic spot


History of the estate in a nutshell
The domain at Zabola
Zabola accommodation
Prices and services at Zabola Estate Transylvania
What to do in the area

History of the estate in a nutshell

The history of the estate and that of the Mikes family intertwine. The early signs of Zabola estate can be traced back to the 15th century, just a fortress back then. Slowly, it develops into a mansion and some new buildings rise. During the Second World war, the castle gets plundered and later, it is turned into the home of the communist press association and sanatorium.

The Mikes family goes a long way back. Wealthy and high placed, the counts and countesses take us back to a nostalgic world. However, throughout time, the Mikes have had all the elements for a bestseller: kidnapping, mystery, high society and drama!

Dinner at Zabola
Fancy dinner?

Approaching our times, we have Countess Katalin Mikes. At the onset of communism in Romania, she experienced dreadful days, when, just a girl, she was forced to leave the domain in no time. She eventually managed to flee to her relatives in Austria, where she got married. Her sons, Alexander, and Gregor have fought for the restitution of the property and do their best in offering high-quality services.

The domain at Zabola

Similar to Haller castle, Zabola estate is a pleasure to the senses.

It is an experience in itself, but I was particularly fond of nature. The domain stretches over 50 hectares of pure green pristine nature. We are close to the Carpathians, home to the largest brown bear population.

Zabola Estate Transylvania boasts lakes, over 100 species of trees and rich wildlife. I didn’t focus on zoology while in Zabola, but you may get sight of a rabbit or deer on the domain especially early in the morning!

Lakes, ponds and nature
Lakes, ponds and nature
Charming nature

The restaurant area is the core of Zabola Estate Transylvania, located in the iconic building of the property. However, despite the rumors, the food was not the best thing at Zabola. Nevertheless, the restaurant has a very chic and decadent décor. And the best parts are the terrace and white benches discreetly spread all over the property for wine and chitchat.

Zabola accommodation

You cannot not like the accommodation at the castle!

Rooms are available in the Machine House, the New Castle or the Old Saddle House (a 4-bedroom apartment). They exude a romantic atmosphere through the diffuse light playfully spread in the rooms. The décor is pretty, and every room contains a tiny dining corner as well as a hidden wine storage. Besides, the rooms are sexy (yeah, this is the word!) due to the standing bathtub (in most of them) that completes the décor.

However, I believe that the strength of Zabola accommodation are the bathrooms. For example, in the Orange room, I was pleasantly surprised by the bathtub, but also the large walk-in double shower with a view to the fireplace. Briefly, above my expectations.

Accommodation at Zabola
Accommodation at Zabola
The bathroom of the Orange Room, Zabola
The bathroom of the Orange Room

Prices and services at Zabola Estate Transylvania

To check prices, you can access directly the site of the estate or Booking. If you expect economical accommodation, you’ll be disappointed. The range of prices for one night can vary for a couple from 600 lei (120 euros) to 2700 lei (540 euros).

The property accepts holiday vouchers (some Romanian employers give them as incentives).

The estate doesn’t sell itself cheap… this is logical if you think of the variety of services provided.  

I sensed instantly the innate tourist know-how of the hosts. The estate is very well marketed from the reception area already (where you can find a shop with Zabola merchandise). The property boasts many services, mainly targeted at honeymoon or romantic getaways. To name just a few: dinner with 100 candles in the luxury stable, sauna in the forest, picnic in nature or Cleopatra’s bath/massage.

If you love animals, you may observe Count Mikes stud’s daily routine, such as feeding the horses, taking them to and bringing them from the pasture. Prepare to be pampered at the spa area with traditional and unique treatments, such as Full Honey Massage or Gold Wrap Facial Treatment. I would love to try this one!

Part of the stud farm
Part of the stud farm
Close to nature once again - In front of the spa area
Close to nature once again – In front of the spa area

What to do in the area

The property is always up to something. They are in constant frenzy of organizing events, so check their facebook page for details.

Sometimes, they even come up with special offers.

If you want to explore the area, there’s some options to consider:

  • Go bear watching and enjoy taking pics of the brown bears in their natural habitat at Zabola Estate;
  • Rent a bike and explore the area;
  • Hiking trails in the Carpathians;
  • Visit the city of Brașov, around 60 km from the domain;
  • Visit Tușnad Baths (Băile Tușnad) along with the volcanic Saint Anna Lake (Sfânta Ana) and the truly spectacular Mohoș peat bog with interesting plants and unique climate;
  • Explore one of the Szekler towns: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc or Sfântu Gheorghe to enjoy an authentic goulash.

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