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Why Gucci Garden is a hotspot in Florence

We planned our summer trip to Italy as a comprehensive tour of Tuscany. Unfortunately, the weather reached a staggering 40 degrees daily, so we looked for shelter inside, in premises with air conditioning. This is how we reached Gucci Garden in Florence, the artsy hub for fashion aficionados, but not only.

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Gucci garden in the middle of Florence
View over Piazza della Signoria from the museum
Ticket to the Gucci Garden
The ticket to Gucci Garden

Travel to Florence to enjoy Renaissance at its peak! This city exhales art, but I suggest you mingle the classic and the new: the cradle of Italian art to Gucci, the Florentine luxury brand! It’s a match made in heaven!

Taste Florence! From the morning coffee and biscotti on a terrace to the hordes of tourists that invade the city! From the outstanding gelato to the typical mouthwatering steak!

Feel the spirit of the city! The elegance, the tradition, the sophistication! The art, the music and the sunsets over Arno River! A new gelato flavor, the gardens, or relax at the beach on the river!

Price: the entrance ticket is 8 euro, but if you eat at the Gucci restaurant (run by a three-Michelin-star chef), you get free entrance to the museum.

Audio guides and guided tours are available for a fee and are worthwhile. Visiting the museum should normally take around one hour.

The crazy universe of Gucci
Cuckoo clocks, teddy bears, and Gucci trainers…all in one room

You don’t have to be a crazy fashionista to enjoy the museum. It is full of instagrammable spots, psychedelic images, and a superb vintage collection in a 14th century palazzo. Placed next to Piazza della Signoria, the Gucci Garden is a popular tourist attraction. The renovated building houses a constantly changing collection of Gucci items scattered among several Gucci concepts.

If I had to brainstorm Gucci Garden, I would say: surprising, unconventional, psychedelic, kaleidoscope and vintage.

Gucci world
The Gucci universe

The Guccification process begins once you enter the space. You instantly understand the unique concept and feel dragged into a fairy tale. Or surreal land. The eccentric concept was put together under the magic wand of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci.

The gardens are a series of themed rooms that tell the story and vision of Gucci Fashion House since 1921. The museum cleverly mixes retro objects and old advertising campaigns with the metaverse and up-to-date concepts. I am pretty sure you will not get bored while checking out all the rooms. Most of them are paired with sound, music, glitter, strong colors, screens, or mirrors to obtain the desired effect. Every room is a display of Gucci items in a very subtle and unostentatious way.

As a conclusion, it is worthwhile checking out the gift shop as well. Here you’ll find not only clothes and accessories but also small objects or home items. Everything in a spectacular décor.

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