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Rimetea, magic sunrise and traditional food

If you are looking for something Romanian, yet not so Romanian, Rimetea village in Alba county, Transylvania, is a good choice.

Let me explain myself: on the one hand, it is sooo Romanian… Like in similar cases, it means that time stood still, civilization is remote, produce is fully organic and the landscape magical…

On the other hand, the white houses aligned in a disciplined way remind us of orderly Switzerland or Tyrol, where people are welcoming, alleys are neat and the village clean!

White houses of Rimetea; photo: Ovi Spacid
Rimetea; photo: Ovi Spacid

Should you plan a day trip from Alba Iulia (53 km) or Cluj (59 km), Rimetea is nonetheless a good destination! We approached it from Alba Iulia on a lovely summer day and the landscape was gorgeous due to Piatra Secuiului (1128 m) in Trascaului Mountains, the rock in the background!

It is said that the sun rises twice in this Transylvanian village. At first, it hides timidly behind the peak, to show itself after, in all splendour, flooding the entire valley.

View of Rimetea; photo:

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How to get there
Neat white houses
What to eat…
… and what to do
Conacul Secuiesc, a Transylvanian experience
Dishes to taste … to everyone’s taste
Nature to observe
Accommodation in Rimetea

How to get there

Rimetea is 53 km away from Alba Iulia, and is connected to it through the county road DJ 107 M. From Aiud, you take the above mentioned county road in the direction of Buru, and after a quiet ride, there you are in Rimetea, soaking in all the relaxation!

If you come from Cluj, the road will take no more than one hour. It is best if you exit Cluj through Floresti and follow A3 to Turda. From here, you take the same road from Buru, leading you to the village.

If you plan to come by train, you should buy a ticket to Teiuș or Aiud, then you can either take a shuttle or hitchhike.

Typical white house with geraniums

Neat white houses

At Rimetea you’ll feel like stepping into a different world when you see right from the entrance the well-groomed houses with green wooden windows, perfectly aligned. There are lots that keep the tradition of 19th century architecture, and attract many tourists from abroad. The Transylvanian village almost vanished many years ago after a fire, but the locals had the strength to fight and restore it.

In Rimetea, all the houses look the same, as if carbon copied. They are all freshly renovated in white, with high gates and green shutters on the windows. The 300 houses of the village share the same appearance, even if on the inside, some of them may prove more rebellious!


This uniformity was achieved through a foundation that provided money for the renovation of half the houses in the village. After that, Rimetea got the title of Europa Nostra awarded by the EU for the preservation of heritage. The houses look so special that a UNESCO archirtect visiting this gem of Transylvania was charmed by the area and suggested the village be part of the world-wide patrimony. Until this happens, we probably have to wait. But in the meantime, this initiative didn’t remain without echo: Budapest government (most of the locals are of Hungarian nationality) offers some funding for the villagers to preserve the authentic style that made the houses famous.

The place has become touristic lately, and despite an impressive number of guesthouses, you need to book in advance to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the hospitality of the inhabitants, and obviously, a bucket of relaxation. The population is 90% of Hungarian ethnicity and in spite of growing tourism, inhabitants are genuinely surprised that visitors go to visit their humble village.

Twin white houses on the outside

What to eat…

Not only are the locals friendly, they also cook some of the most delicious meals you‘ve probably tasted. Food is yummy and rich and spicy! If you have the opportunity, you should go to any lengths to try the famous langoși (deep fried flatbread) with cream and garlic, goulash, tarragon broth or freshly baked bread right from the oven!

Told you, Romanian food is not for diet!

Langos with cheese from Rimetea, a must in the area

…and what to do

This is not a place to do something, on the contrary,  it is ideal for meditation or self-discovery. Yet, if you are active, should you immerse yourself in the brisk waters of Aries for some adventure while rafting with a pro team! To be honest, I didn’t try it as I saw the ad too late, but now from the comfort of my couch I do regret!

Adrenalin lovers can climb the rocks around, or enjoy paragliding!

Coltesti fortress is just 6 km away from the village, while slightly further you’ll find Aiudului gorges.

Coltesti, Conacul Secuiesc
The Mansion (Conacul secuiesc) is surrounded by nature

Conacul Secuiesc, a Transylvanian experience

Just a few km away, we stopped at Conacul Secuiesc (The Szekler Mansion) in Colțești for lunch. We had to get accustomed that every place was better than expected, and it was fantastic.

Here, we discovered that the mansion is in fact a hotel, a rustic one with attention to detail and focus on Hungarian style. The furniture is manually crafted and painted by locals from neighbouring villages.

Fancy a coffee?

Dishes to taste … for everyone’s taste

Siesta on a bench from the mansion

Transylvanian food is another attraction of the area, as such a place couldn’t exist without the traditional Hungarian food (mainly), namely the Hungarian Goulash, famous all over. Pamper yourself with gomboti cu prune (a sweet dish that serves dumplings filled with plum and cinnamon), or noodles with poppyseed (desert as well) …to name just a few specials. The place is also famous for the dairy products called Toroczko (the Hungarian name of Rimetea).

Treating oneself to lunch or dinner is in itself an experience…what about being surrounded by the perfection of nature!

The famous gomboti cu prune; photo:

…and nature to observe

You cannot be insensitive to the beauty of nature. And here in Coltesti you have a vast piece of land with an impressive rock in the background, the experience of breathing in calm and peace on an isolated bench, smell the freshly cut grass or enjoy your coffee on a natural screensaver!

Oh, I almost forgot! For this gastronomic experience it is best to book in advance!

Piatra secuiului, aka Szekler’s Rock behind the village; photo: @florentinamateiu

Accommodation in Rimetea

If you are eager to see what a white house looks on the inside, try out Kristaly Vendeghaz with a stunning view, Pensiunea Rita where you can opt for lunch or dinner at prices ranging between 40-70 lei (8-14 euro) or Pensiunea Dulo Annamaria where halfboard is included in the price. All these options present rustic accommodation possibilities with local and organic produce.

Recommended by TTF:

  • Idyllic landscape and nature at its best;
  • Living like a local in a rustic guesthouse;
  • Possibility of relaxation, hiking, or climbing;
  • One of the most beautiful Transylvanian villages;
  • Organic produce in Rimetea;
  • Delicious dishes at Conacul Secuiesc.

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