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Turkey is blessed.

Geographically. Culturally. Historically.

Rich in stunning sights with no resemblance and carrying a deep spirituality, Turkey unfolds its splendors.

The country shares an Oriental touch and an exotic halo. However, it doesn’t lose its connection to Europe, even if by a tiny strip of land.

Country of turquoise waters and sunshine, ancient history and spices, Turkey is one of a kind. It features a fabulous city, Istanbul, the only one placed on two continents. Cappadocia has become a trademark of Turkey for its wind sculpted fairy chimneys and balloon rides. Images with Pamukkale travertine terraces have also travelled round the globe. If we look back, we find a history of conquests. And some of the best Roman ancient ruins in Ephesus. Plus, so much more…

How to plan a comprehensive 8-day Turkey Itinerary

One of the most fascinating countries with a mighty past and stunning attractions, Turkey is a destination well worth exploring. To encapsulate the essence of this cross-continental country in a memorable trip, I prepared for you an extensive Turkey itinerary for 8 days.

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