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TTF Talks

TTF Talks: Roy Chowdhury-Mikes on Zabola Estate Transylvania – “it is a labour of love”

We believe that the moments spent at Zabola will continue to be a cherished secret for those who have experienced its magic. It is a place where memories are created and treasured, where the outside world seems to fade away. So, yes, in many ways, we do want Zabola to remain a secret to the outer world, preserving its special and secluded charm for those who seek its enchantment.

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TTF Talks: A German student’s impressions on Romania

Eike von H is a young German student who, like many others, came to study medicine in Timisoara, Romania. He’s been in the country for almost 5 years now (excluding summer holidays and some pandemic moments) and has been kind enough to share with TTF readers

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Hi! I’m Andrea! Welcome to travel taste feel, the place where travelling beautiful Romania meets authentic taste and reveals true hospitality!
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