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The Netherlands

If I close my eyes and think about the Netherlands, I see tulips, windmills, canals, many bikes, the Girl with A Pearl Earring and smell weed… In fact, the Netherlands is so much more in all respects. It boasts amazing nature, history and a Dutch Golden Age, fabulous works of art, modern architecture, and…  is a progressive country. And expensive… If you want to cut down on restaurant prices, but eat delicious and hearty meals, check my post on the ultimate guide to cheap eats Amsterdam!

And before travelling to the Netherlands, you may want to read 30 things I wish I knew before visiting to find out valuable info. Needless to say, the country is gorgeous!

Let’s start!


The ultimate guide to cheap eats Amsterdam 2024

Fabulous Amsterdam, here we come! If this city gives you goosebumps from its appetite for broad-mindedness, tolerance or amazing museums, but also from its prices, I am here to break the wall of unaffordable Amsterdam. Let me feed you with tips and tricks on the best cheap eats Amsterdam!

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