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The Gothic mystery of Corvin Castle (+ Gardens of Zoe)

One of Romania’s seven wonders and one of the largest castles in Europe, Corvin Castle boasts with medieval history intertwined with Gothic mystery, haunted spots or fairy-tale legends. Not to forget the impressive architecture that covers all of the above elements.

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Viscri – the authentic Saxon village

Southern and south-east Transylvania boasts with over 150 fortified churches which were erected centuries ago by the Saxons (although there are basically no Saxons left in Romania) out of protective reasons. The churches were built alone initially on top of the hill dominating the village landscape, and later surrounded by solid enclosing walls to protect the village from the invaders.

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Biertan Fortified Church – Unesco Heritage

On top of the village hill, the Lutheran fortified Church of Biertan (Birthalm) (UNESCO World Heritage) lies majestically and watches over the village. It is definitely well positioned. I had a feeling that it would be somewhat different from the previous ones…and I was right! The access is made through some covered stairs

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