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The Cistercian Abbey of Cârța: Transylvanian Gothic and horror

Carta is a unique monastery created by the order of the Cistercians as far as 1202 that shows the supremacy of this religious order that spread from France. It combines for the first time romanesque style with early gothic and represents a source of inspiration for later gothic in the area, such as the fortified churches of Prejmer, Harman or Cristian.

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Is Timisoara 2023 worth visiting?

Chances are you’ve never heard of Timisoara, Romania. And I can’t blame you. But now, when Timisoara 2023 is shining its light, it would be a pity not to visit and be part of the events that take this western Romanian city out of anonymity!

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Visit Peles, Romania’s most beautiful castle

The Romanian Versailles, as I like to call Peles Castle, is a must-see for anyone visiting Romania. Although I’ve been there more than once, I cannot not be amazed by the many firsts it boasts, the luxury and opulence, and last, but not least, the craftsmanship of the artisans.

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Harman fortified church – a must see in Transylvania

I came up with the personal conclusion that Harman fortified church is an absolute must.
Why? will you ask…
Because it is absolutely splendid, well-preserved, contains rare pre-Reformation paintings, is home to a sort of village museum and is placed in an area of natural beauty.

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