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Italy has always been one of my personal favourites. You can visit Italy from north to south or east to west and you’ll never be disappointed. Spectacular beaches, unique sites, finest art and culture seamlessly blend into modern buildings, Tuscan vineyards and amazing mountains!

Discover the best of Italy from charming Lucca to spectacular Milan! Travel to Siena for a truly spectacular duomo, explore a versatile Florence with taste for Renaissance, or enjoy timeless Venice! You can also find out travel tips from moving from one city to another without a car.

The ultimate guide to cheap eats Venice 2024

You, gorgeous Venice! I’ve loved this city since my first visit many years ago, but the main drawbacks of the floating city are that no matter the season, it is always full of tourists, and it is expensive. As there is hard to find a solution to the former, I created a list of tips and a cheap eats Venice guide to help you! So, Venice restaurants, here we come!

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Why Gucci Garden is a hotspot in Florence

We planned our summer trip to Italy as a comprehensive tour of Tuscany. Unfortunately, the weather reached a staggering 40 degrees daily, so we looked for shelter inside, in premises with air conditioning. This is how we reached Gucci Garden in Florence, the artsy hub for fashion aficionados, but not only.

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Best things to do in San Gimignano, Italy

The medieval town with the unmistakable silhouette scattered with skyscrapers is an absolute must among Italian villages. Romantic like Tuscany, however different, pretty as a painting, still carrying its legacy with pride, San Gimignano is the unforgettable pearl of Tuscany with medieval remains.

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Best of Lucca, Italy: The Ultimate Guide + tips

Known as the city of a hundred churches, or the native place of Puccini, Lucca is big on charm. Old and modern at the same time, it is undoubtedly delightful. I am ready to share with you the very best of Lucca, my personal version.

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