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All you need to know about Strasbourg Christmas markets (2023)

Celebrating Christmas is an event in itself. Loading from late November, all respectable towns put on their festive clothes, seduce you with magical decorations, lights, and cinnamon perfume. However, some Christmas markets have a stronger reputation. Let’s immerse in Strasbourg Christmas markets, a place synonym with Christmas capital!

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22 tips to find out if camping is for you

I’m not gonna pretend I know it all. I am neither a regular hiker, nor a person who gives up too often their own comfort for a night in the tent. However, this blog post is the spontaneous result of a weekend in the open air, more exactly, my camping nights spent in a marvellous place called Retezat mountains.

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Harmonia Mundi (the Castle), the place to feel at home

I bumped into this castle-looking bed&breakfast when I was looking for accommodation in Cluj. I don’t remember why we opted for an accommodation outside of Cluj, but it totally made sense in my head since in just three days, we visited Turda salt mine, the city of Cluj and went trekking to Tarnita lake.

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Valea Iarului camping and hiking in Retezat

Nature is undoubtedly one of the best places to recharge batteries. But this time, we decided to try something new. We went camping (or glamping) in Retezat mountains in a no-internet area where you are alone with nature’s beauty and your thoughts.

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Hi! I’m Andrea! Welcome to travel taste feel, the place where travelling beautiful Romania meets authentic taste and reveals true hospitality!
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