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Facts about Romania

Situated in Eastern Europe, Romania is neither a big country, nor a small one.

However, it has thousands of fabulous places to show, from the unique Danube Delta to the old fortified churches in Transylvania, from rocky and wild mountain peaks to vibrant cities all over.

Still, people are one of Romania’s gems. Discover the centuries-old hospitality, the traditional dishes and the general facts that will help you contour a general idea before planning your Romanian trip!

The Ultimate Guide to Romania Trip Planning

Land of magnificent landscapes, featuring all possible landforms from plains to mountains, from the Black Sea to the Danube Delta, from modest and timeless villages to hustling-bustling cities, Romania is an Eastern European country that has it all.

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Romania – A crash course

The fact that Romanians are basically everywhere means that they are so resourceful they can make a living anywhere. They adjust easily. They are smart and really friendly. Romanians love traditions. And are proud of their origins.

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