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Day Trips

The Cistercian Abbey of Cârța: Transylvanian Gothic and horror

Carta is a unique monastery created by the order of the Cistercians as far as 1202 that shows the supremacy of this religious order that spread from France. It combines for the first time romanesque style with early gothic and represents a source of inspiration for later gothic in the area, such as the fortified churches of Prejmer, Harman or Cristian.

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Valea Iarului camping and hiking in Retezat

Nature is undoubtedly one of the best places to recharge batteries. But this time, we decided to try something new. We went camping (or glamping) in Retezat mountains in a no-internet area where you are alone with nature’s beauty and your thoughts.

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Trekking to lake Tarnita, near Cluj

We parked at the Tarnita dam and were about to take our job seriously. The trekking involved 8 km of climbing, and the apps and blogs consulted said this was a one day trip. So, we packed enough water and food (or so I thought) and followed the trail markers.

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The Gothic mystery of Corvin Castle (+ Gardens of Zoe)

One of Romania’s seven wonders and one of the largest castles in Europe, Corvin Castle boasts with medieval history intertwined with Gothic mystery, haunted spots or fairy-tale legends. Not to forget the impressive architecture that covers all of the above elements.

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Fairy Castle near Sibiu (Clay Castle in the Valley of Fairies)

Lots of fantastic places revolve around Sibiu like satellites orbit the Earth. No, this is no exaggeration! Today we are visiting a place that looks like borrowed from a fantasy land.

So, join me for a fairy-tale place! Like all good stories, this one spread fast too! All you need is a fully charged phone, as I guarantee you’ll want to take lots of pictures in the most photographed place from Romania.

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