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A Short History of Bucharest

Architecturally, Bucharest is the surprising and controversial symbiosis between classic beautiful buildings, modern glass structures and grey communist constructions, but all these elements have come to coexist peacefully in Romania’s capital city, one you will most certainly enjoy!

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More reasons to visit Bucharest (+ lots of tips for a delicious and relaxed dinner)

Although a former communist capital, today’s Bucharest has grown into a European capital with all the rights and fulfilling all pretences. Buildings, monuments, relaxation spots, museums, artistic life, day life and night life, beautiful architecture and ugly architecture, Bucharest took the best and is now ready to unveil in front of you some of its hottest chilling spots, together with some eating recommendations.

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Why visit Bucharest -18 reasons it’s worth it

Bucharest has been given many names: little Paris, new Berlin, or Eastern Europe’s capital of fun, but we know for sure it is a city of contrasts where refined Belle Epoque buildings intertwine with boulevards of communism, the shape of monarchy meets modern glass architecture, and the good vibes of the Old Town are in love with street art.

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