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Best of Romania

Want to find out at a glance the very best of Romania? How many days to set aside and where to find the best visiting spots? Where go to if you are in love with nature, or maybe, look for the best nightlife? This chapter also comes with various types of accommodation customized to various needs.

So, ladies and gentlemen, raise the curtain for Romania’s highlights!

24 epic places to visit in Romania (with map + many bonus ideas!!)

Romania has lots of fantastic destinations to offer. Basically, it has it all: geographically, it ranges from sea level to mountains over two thousand meters and boasts an incredible landscape. It is a display of vibrant, colorful cities and modest, yet memorable quiet places to heal your soul, as well as of remote and hidden villages to a concrete colossus.

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Must-see Transylvania 2023: The ultimate guide

This post opens the gates to Transylvania, land of bucolic landscapes, idyllic villages, charming cities, and medieval fortresses. Transylvania’s past embraces Roman conquest, Austrian-Hungarian invasion, or Saxon influences, all of which shaped this piece of land into what it is.

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