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When I told my friends that I would go to Belgium on vacation, the reply was: Belgium is boring! Luckily, I didn’t listen to any of the voices, and indulged myself in discovering the best of Belgium: a lively, colorful, vibrant, charming and totally delicious country! Yet, quite expensive!

Brussels is not only the administrative center of the European Union, but also an underrated city. It is filled with museums, bars and typical houses. To me, Bruges is the embodiment of charm in a safe and civilized environment with beautiful surroundings, while Ghent oozes magnetism at every corner.

Best (affordable) restaurants in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is an amazing city! Romantic and chic, oozing medieval flair, with beautiful nature and history, the Belgian town lures millions of visitors every year. But where to eat when you get hungry after all the sightseeing? Here you have the best restaurants in Bruges! Belgian and international cuisine, fancy and cozy places alike!

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Top things to do in charming Bruges, Belgium

There isn’t long before you feel the vibe of a city. and I knew straightaway that I would irretrievably fall in love with Bruges (Brugge in Dutch)! This small Belgian city simply took my breath away, so charming it is!!! So, let me guide you to the top things to do in Bruges, Belgium! And hope you’ll feel the same!

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