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Andrea Kriston

The ultimate guide to cheap eats Amsterdam 2024

Fabulous Amsterdam, here we come! If this city gives you goosebumps from its appetite for broad-mindedness, tolerance or amazing museums, but also from its prices, I am here to break the wall of unaffordable Amsterdam. Let me feed you with tips and tricks on the best cheap eats Amsterdam!

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Best 2-Day Itinerary for Maramureș region (with map)

It was not at all easy for the stars to align, but somehow we succeeded, because after two failed attempts, we arrived in Maramureș, a top region unanimously recognized as one of the best places to visit in Romania. I propose here the 2-day itinerary in Maramures we covered, but also our gastronomic experiences.

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24 epic places to visit in Romania (with map + many bonus ideas!!)

Romania has lots of fantastic destinations to offer. Basically, it has it all: geographically, it ranges from sea level to mountains over two thousand meters and boasts an incredible landscape. It is a display of vibrant, colorful cities and modest, yet memorable quiet places to heal your soul, as well as of remote and hidden villages to a concrete colossus.

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How to travel smart: tested dos and don’ts for cheap flights

Do you feel that?

That ecstasy of planning a new discovery? Of the world, of people, of yourself? The pure joy that floods your veins and arteries and you’d never want to get rid of? … But also, the agony of planning it? The chase for good deals: cheap flights, good accommodation or perfect preparation?  

Well, I’ll do my best to look into this tantalizing question – How to travel smart: tested dos and don’ts to find cheap flights.

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The ultimate guide to cheap eats Heidelberg 2024

Heidelberg Germany was simply a revelation! People call it the most romantic city in Germany and is one of top 3 cities to visit in all the country …and all this for a reason! But there is no roaming around and exploring a city on an empty stomach. The travelling experience is best when it includes good food for a fair price. So, I created a list of tips and cheap eats Heidelberg to help you!

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The ultimate guide to cheap eats Venice 2024

You, gorgeous Venice! I’ve loved this city since my first visit many years ago, but the main drawbacks of the floating city are that no matter the season, it is always full of tourists, and it is expensive. As there is hard to find a solution to the former, I created a list of tips and a cheap eats Venice guide to help you! So, Venice restaurants, here we come!

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TTF Talks: Roy Chowdhury-Mikes on Zabola Estate Transylvania – “it is a labour of love”

We believe that the moments spent at Zabola will continue to be a cherished secret for those who have experienced its magic. It is a place where memories are created and treasured, where the outside world seems to fade away. So, yes, in many ways, we do want Zabola to remain a secret to the outer world, preserving its special and secluded charm for those who seek its enchantment.

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