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About me

Hi! I’m Andrea! Welcome to travel taste feel! Welcome to the universe that explores Romania and beyond!

I never ever considered writing a blog!


But then, one summer, or maybe autumn, words, images, and feelings just started coming to my mouth, fill my eyes and senses, and I wanted to spit it all out.

Really, it just happened. And then I realised that I subconsciously had collected data for this blog.

So, it was like an unborn baby waiting to scream for the first time. Thus, travel taste feel was born!

Typical Transylvanian village

Trips are like good stories to me

Travelling & me

I never knew that writing about me would be such a tough job. It is not easy to describe oneself, be authentic and … hopefully objective. Because in fact it all boils down to the sense of measure. How much should I reveal not to brag, not to give too many details, not to be scrooge with the info, and so on…

I have a “proper” job as a foreign language teacher. I am the proud mother of two teen daughters, live in a relationship, and…have a dog!

I adore chocolate, nights out with friends, I never say no to a good movie, love bright colours, am a night owl, so I looove sleeping late. Every now and then I indulge in a sweet doing nothing mood.

But most of all I love reading about destinations and not only dream about them, but see, explore and constantly discover with my own eyes, new places on this fabulous planet called Earth! Since my blog, I discovered that I could swap my frenzy for city roaming to relaxing in the nature! Also, I have found out that I prefer the mountain over the sea without any doubt.

 All in all, blogging is more than just seeing new destinations, it is about discovering yourselfStretching your limits and getting out of your comfort zone! Lots of people travel for hobby and pleasure, but somehow, I realized that I wanted to share the best (and objective side) of my biggest passion and help fellow travellers plan their holidays, know what to include on their travel list and what places to avoid! This is a blog for any curious traveller willing to discover the best of Romania and unique must see spots from my home country and other parts of the world that fascinate me!

Birds in the Danube delta

I love good stories. Or fairy tales. I believe we all do.

Trips are like good stories to me. They immerse you in the middle of something new, something you enjoy a lot. Then, you learn about the people in your own story, you taste their favourite food, you live in their houses and you discover their history. And eventually you create bonds. The best part though, is that you play the leading role in your story. And you can find your own happy ending!

So, travelling is like having a 6th sense, the most complex of all. It comprises all senses but takes them to a different level. This is probably why I feel that traveling is part of my existence.

You travel, you taste, you feel!