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30 pictures to make you fall for Oradea

Oradea is one of the most photogenic and wonderful tourist destinations in Romania. Runner-up in the final for Best European Destination, beautiful Oradea is truly charming.

If I had to present the city’s attractions, I wouldn’t hesitate. So, here you have some hints:

Take a stroll downtown to admire the numerous palaces. Look up! Admire the different colours and motifs that are a celebration of Art Nouveau/Secession. Oradea is Romania’s Art Nouveau capital after it became member of an important network highlighting this artistic trend. For more info on the Art Nouveau Museum, read here.

The city has always nested a perfect symbiosis between Romanians and Hungarians throughout times. It is a symbol of harmony.

It is also a landmark of peace and quiet.

In recent years, the cultural and artistic life has just explored.

The city boasts a very good geographic position, both bordering Hungary and being open to the west, but also being a gate to Transylvania.

Last but not least, the surroundings of the city are worthy to explore.

Consider Oradea in itself as a major gem before it gets assaulted by hordes of tourists!

The Black Eagle and the statue of King Ferdinand are a symbol of the city; photo:
The Black Eagle is an Art Nouveau gem
Lively terraces in summer on Alecsandri pedestrian street
The Black Eagle on the inside
Moskovits Miksa Palace – rhapsody in blue
View over the Union Square; photo:
Downtown street with the theatre in the background
Detail from Moskovits Palace
Another palace, this is the Apollo palace; photo:
A pedestrian street with good cafes
Me surrounded by an intellectual elite; writers and poets of other times
The Roman Catholic Basilica
Art Nouveau Museum – Darvas La Roche House; on the outside
The Darvas La Roche House has much more to show
Stern Palace also has many fabulous details
Bike friendly
Impressive details on the Black Eagle Palace
City Hall at night
The union Square, a symbol of today’s city; photo: Larisa Birta
The Moon Church
The statue of King Ferdinand and the Greek-Catholic Bishopric
Banks of Crisul Repede river; photo: @anamariamnc
Downtown view; photo:
The Moon Church is an Orthodox landmark, but not only…; : photo:
Love this building; photo: @anamariamnc
Downtown stall that prepares langosi
A green house
Astoria Palace, today hotel and restaurant; photo:
Moskovits Adolf and sons palace, geometric architecture
Nature and flowers next to Crisul Repede river
The theatre; photo:
Blue ceiling of the Synagogue

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