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Not just a(nother) travel blog

As a grown-up, I realize that traveltastefeel is what I’ve always wanted – the quintessence of my childhood and the projection of my dreams: travel, explore and discover. All, and some more.

To tell meaningful stories which delve deep in history.

To sink in places of natural beauty that will leave you speechless.

To enrich myself and others through amazing experiences.

To develop meaningful connections at a personal but also spiritual level.

To let myself charm by remote outposts or impressive megalopolises.

In a nutshell, TO GROW.

To me, childhood means travelling in Romania.

My youthful years are connected to the discovery and exploration of Romania during communism. And even if you pity me, those years set the ground for my love of picturesque Romania.

You know how they say: always see the glass half full.

But, the fall of the communist regime (December 1989) laid all borders open…so, the thirst for the new and unknown gushed with an incredible force. It’s been over 30 years that I’ve been trying to make my (expanding) dreams come true….Visit, explore and learn about other countries!

The 2020 pandemic opened new doors towards domestic tourism and I understood the treasure we have at our feet from a new perspective. Thus, my passion for Romania reignited and gave birth to traveltastefeel!

If you are curious to find out more about me, click here.

I looove immersing myself in the art, culture or cuisine of the region I am visiting, so I do a lot of research before (sometimes during or even after!) travelling. And this is a feature of my blog: it contains lots of info for the curious traveller! Seasoned with legends, stories or architectural details! And general useful info!


Hi! I’m Andrea! Welcome to travel taste feel, the place where travelling beautiful Romania meets authentic taste and reveals true hospitality!
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